We had a grand opening at our Walmart in Riverside and the place looked great, much credit to the EMTS team. It was a mess when they got here on all fronts: irrigation, planting, top soil, bio swales, etc. They masterfully assessed the situation, as overwhelming and daunting as it was, then rolled up their sleeves and dug in. Their understanding of our client and the needed corrections was invaluable. They knew our deadlines and what we could live with and they hit those milestones. We kept pressure on, though not needed, and the team handled it well. Elite’s crew worked tirelessly and late, most, if not all the days here.

EMTS made us look good and we appreciate the partnership and the team doing such a great job under some very challenging circumstances. Elite is 3 for 3 on our Walmart projects: Fresno, Wasco, and Riverside. All different projects but handled with professionalism, team work, and focus. Thank you for the commitment to execute well for us!