What We Do

Elite Team Offices provides processes and services to the Elite Companies so they can focus on their partners and projects. Each of our six departments is committed to regularly auditing their expertise, compliance, and accountability to provide the best service possible.

Markets We Serve

Elite Maintenance & Tree Service full color logo

Professional landscape management company that maintains landscape and irrigation systems for commercial properties.

Aerial view of landscaping with palm trees and hedge maze
African Adventure sign and landscaping
Elite Landscape Construction full color logo

Women and minority-owned commercial landscape company that is a signatory to the Labors Union (294), and AB-566 compliant. They work with General Contractor’s, Municipalities, and School Districts to install landscapes, irrigation, and site furnishings.

Elite Private Landscape full color logo

Commercial landscape construction company that works with General Contractors and Owners to install all aspects of commercial landscaping.

Aerial view of new park and landscaping
Aerial view of bulldozer leveling dirt lot
Stockbridge General Contracting Inc full color logo

Completes utility solar field and substation projects, while remaining adaptable to various scopes of work within the civil construction industry, building quality landscapes, and consistently bidding for cities and on municipalities.

Live Action General Engineering full color logo

Complete renewable energy construction contractor that focuses on grading, paving, clearing, trenching, and racking; they are members of the IBEW Union, Iron Workers Union, Operators Local 12, and Operators Local 3.

Aerial view of field of solar panels
Bulldozer on back of semi truck flatbed trailer
LOKES Rental Equipment full color logo

Provides, maintains, delivers, and repairs construction equipment and vehicles for the Elite Team of Companies.

A development company that specializes in building commercial developments that meet tenants needs.

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