Meet The Team

Executive Assistant

Property Management


Project Manager


Employee headshot of Karlei Stockbridge

Karlei Stockbridge

ELC Owner

Adam Avila, Chief Operating Officer

Adam Avila

Chief Operations Officer

Employee headshot of Tom Spradling

Tom Spradling

Chief Financial Officer

Employee headshot of Ron Kerr

Ron Kerr

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Employee headshot of Derik Jakusz

Derik Jakusz

Vice President of Business Development

Employee headshot of Randy Regier

Randy Regier

Business Development

Employee headshot of Craig Stowell

Craig Stowell

Business Development

Employee headshot of Tracie Anes

Tracie Anes

Brand Manager

Nate Quintero, HR Director

Nate Quintero

HR Director

Board of Directors headshot of Bobby Tracy

Bobby Tracy

LAGE General Manager

Employee headshot of Adam Wong

Adam Wong

SGC General Manager

Aldo Garcia, ELC General Manager

Aldo Garcia

ELC General Manager

Jose Arce, EPL General Manager

Jose Arce

EPL General Manager

Darin Sherlock, EMTS Regional Operations Manager

Darin Sherlock

EMTS Regional Operations Manager

Employee headshot of Ruben Hernandez

Ruben Hernandez

Lokes Rental Manager

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