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Kerry Rotolo

Retired Founder - Rotolo Consultants

Professional Experience

Kerry Rotolo is an experienced CFO with 35 years of operating experience including bank financing, mergers and acquisitions, acquisition due diligence and integration, taxes, start-up ventures, and investment partnerships. Kerry has been the managing partner of diverse companies, a workforce housing development in North Dakota, and new ventures in landscaping and construction, environmental services, wireless production, and oilfield services throughout the United States. Kerry has been a board member, overseen company expansions and ownership transfers, and involved in numerous transactions as both a buyer and seller. Kerry is an active advisor for Lenox Hill Capital’s activities in the southern U.S. This includes the firm’s coverage of engineering, construction, landscaping, facilities maintenance, oil and gas services, logistics, and related sectors. Kerry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics from Louisiana State University and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.